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Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Tips

How to Take Care of Your Skin Right After Tattoo Removal Treatment

Knowing how to care for your skin after tattoo removal treatment is just as important as understanding how the process itself works

The lasers used for tattoo removal are highly potent, so you should strictly adhere to your practitioner’s aftercare instructions to prevent any unpleasant infections, rashes, or other side effects like hyperpigmentation.

After laser tattoo removal, take precautions to maintain healthy skin to ensure a safe and effective procedure. The right aftercare is crucial to getting the best results from tattoo removal.

At Rebel Inks Tattoo Kenya, we want to make sure that your laser removal procedure yields the best possible results for you. After your session, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


Tip 1: After removing a tattoo, exercise additional caution for the first two days.

Wear clean, loose clothing after each tattoo removal procedure to prevent anything from scratching or snagging on your skin, and stay away from scratchy or fluffy materials like wool.

Your laser tattoo removal practitioner will advise you on whether you need to cover the region for the next 24 hours by wearing a bandage or dressing.

If you have been advised to wear one, wait to take it off until your practitioner has instructed you to.

Tip 2: Maintain cleanliness

Hygiene is crucial after laser tattoo removal since your skin is more susceptible to infection. Throughout the healing process, it is advised that you thoroughly and frequently wash the entire treated region with warm, clean water.

Your laser tattoo removal practitioner might also advise using an antibacterial treatment, and you should avoid exposing the skin to any irritants like perfumes and soaps.

Tip 3: What to Avoid After Laser Tattoo Removal

Make sure you’re not unintentionally damaging your skin’s ability to heal. The following advice on things to avoid will assist ensure a quick recovery:

  • Never Pick Scabs or Blisters

Avoid picking at any scabs as this may result in scarring. Again, after laser tattoo removal, scabs and blisters are common. They are an organic component of the body’s recovery process. They don’t always happen, but they do happen pretty frequently following laser removal. When blisters or scabs are improperly handled, they can cause skin harm and scarring rather than enabling your body to continue recovering.

  • Do Not Exercise Vigorously for the First 24 Hours.

Giving your body a break is a key component of aftercare for the first few days following laser tattoo removal. Avoid doing any vigorous exercise. Exercise increases blood flow, which might make the affected area more prone to blistering and swelling. Additionally, it’s far too easy to bump or disturb the delicate spot that has had laser treatment.

  • Avoid Spending Too Much Time in the Sun

Sun exposure might worsen skin damage that is already present from your tattoo removal procedure. This may even result in hypopigmentation or discoloured skin in some circumstances. A few strategies to shield your skin from UV rays are as follows:

  1. Stay out of the sun to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. (A sunburn on the delicate skin that has undergone laser resurfacing is the last thing you want to cope with!)
  2. If you do intend to spend time outside, cover exposed skin with bandages or clothing to keep it safe. To avoid discomfort or irritation, choose clothes that is not too tight.
  3. After any blisters or scabs have healed, apply a 20% zinc oxide sunscreen, the same kind that lifeguards use, to the affected region.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking

To keep your body in top condition following tattoo removal, refrain from drinking and smoking. Alcohol can make it harder for your kidneys and liver to remove ink-related debris from your body. It can also cause dehydration, which slows the healing process. Smoking lowers the blood flow near your skin’s surface because it causes the body to become less oxygenated. Avoiding alcohol and smoking will keep your circulation and immune system healthy.

Tip 4: How to Quicken the Healing Process After Laser Tattoo Removal

We entirely appreciate your desire to hasten the healing process because we know you’re eager to see your skin recover as soon as possible. Increasing your body’s overall health will hasten the healing of the laser-treated area.

Follow each of these laser tattoo removal aftercare suggestions religiously during the full removal procedure, which entails numerous sessions separated by at least six weeks, for the greatest results. Starting with the initial session, it’s essential to maintain optimum health for your body and skin during that period. Following your visit to your professional laser tattoo removal practitioner, you can use these methods to jump-start the healing process for your laser tattoo removal.

Maintain a Healthy Immune System

After laser tattoo removal, tattoo care involves improving your body’s general health. In other words, maintaining a strong immune system is essential for tattoo removal aftercare.

Why? Your laser treatment is merely the start of the procedure. Your body then has to exert a lot of effort to remove the ink and regenerate new skin. The ink is broken up into tiny bits by the laser removal procedure, and white blood cells rush in to clean them out of the skin. Here are some suggestions for boosting your immune system, which will help with recovery and general health.

Keep hydrated.

Consume nutritious foods that are healthy for your body. Your body will have the fuel it needs to regenerate healthy skin cells as a result. To give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to heal, eat a lot of vegetables and lean meats.

Ensure that you are consuming regular meals as well. (Never forego breakfast!)


Regular exercise is vital for a healthy immune system, despite the fact that you should avoid vigorous exercise for the first few days. As a result, it’s a crucial component of the aftercare for tattoo removal. Each system in the body becomes stronger through exercise, allowing them to function more efficiently as a whole. When all the systems are functioning properly, none of them place excessive demands on the immune system, which could divert vital resources from the skin’s healing process.

Wish to learn more? Speak with the laser tattoo removal professionals at Rebel Inks Tattoo Kenya..

If you’re interested in laser tattoo removal treatment and would like to know more about the process and aftercare, book a consultation with one of our laser experts for more personalised advice.

Wish to learn more? Speak with the laser tattoo removal professionals at Rebel Inks Tattoo Kenya.

If you’re interested in laser tattoo removal treatment and would like to know more about the process and aftercare, book a consultation with one of our laser experts for more personalised advice.

Disclaimer: This is not a confirmed schedule, details provided will aid our specialists in planning a convenient time schedule that favours both parties when they get in touch with you for clarification.


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