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Terms of Service

Before your Appointment

  1. Show up sober. We cannot tattoo you under the influence of anything.
  2. DO NOT bring children or pets to the Tattoo studio. NO exceptions, our rules prohibits any animals except for service dogs to assist the blind or epileptic.
  3. Bring your GOVERNMENT ISSUED photo ID. it is required to get a tattoo.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing according to where you’re getting tattooed on your body. Black or dark colours are always a good choice.
  5. Eat a good meal before coming to your appointment, for longer sessions bring snacks and drink lots of water.
  6. Please do not call or email numerous times inquiring about your design before your appointment.

During your Appointment

  1. Make sure you have plenty of time for your appointment, rushing a tattoo is stressful for both you and your artist.
  2. Try not to move, make sure you’re in a comfortable position as it helps your artist work effectively.
  3. Tell your artist if you are feeling dizzy or nauseous, have any concerns about getti8ng tattoed, or if you have any medical issues.
  4. For long sessions make sure to communicate with your artist about a snack or meal break about half way through your appointment.

After your Appointment

  1. Good aftercare is essential for good healing. Be sure to follow the instructions your artist gives you when they finish.
  2. Tips are always appreciated 15 – 20% is average

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