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Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing in Nairobi, Kenya

(Procedure, Healing Process, Aftercare Tips, and Jewelry Styles)

A Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing (VCH) is a body piercing that is placed through the clitoral hood, the protective fold of skin that covers the clitoral glans. The jewelry used for this piercing typically sits vertically above the clitoris, hence the name “Vertical Clitoral Hood” piercing. The procedure is usually done by a professional piercer and is considered a surface piercing, meaning that it goes through the skin rather than through a cartilage or a fleshy part of the body. It is a popular choice among women who want to enhance their sexual pleasure and sensitivity. However, it is important to note that the healing process can take several months and proper aftercare is crucial to prevent infection and ensure proper healing.

VCH Piercing

Ask the piercer how they do the piercing before you sign up. If the individual responds, “With forceps,” turn around and flee immediately! Your clitoris is at risk when you clamp with forceps, and it could be extremely painful. Furthermore, employing forceps to implant the VCH almost never yields desired results. The jewelry doesn’t even contact the clitoris since the piercing is too shallow or only penetrates the top layer of skin above the hood. Unfortunately, these blunders happen a lot.

At Rebel Inks Tattoo Kenya we always operate beneath the hood with a needle receiving tube (NRT). If you have a little hood or if it fits closely to your body, some tissue manipulation will help you place it so that it is more comfortable. To free the tissue, at Rebel Inks Tattoo Kenya we merely lift your hood and gently pull it away from your body. The tube, which covers your clitoris beneath, is pierced via the dot that has been designated for placement. Unlike an earlobe, the skin that is pierced is typically much thinner. Some women have thicker hoods, which can be a little more delicate to pierce and may take a little longer to heal.

Considerations before getting a Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing

Before getting a Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing, it’s important to carefully consider various factors to ensure that you are well-informed and prepared for the experience. Here are some key considerations:

Professional Piercer:

  • At Rebel Inks Tattoos, Tattoo Removal, and Body Piercings we have reputable and experienced professional piercers who specializes in genital piercings. You can look through our reviews, ask for recommendations, and make sure the piercer follows strict hygiene and safety protocols.


  • Schedule a consultation with your piercer before the actual piercing. This allows you to discuss the procedure, ask questions, and address any concerns you may have.

Pain Tolerance:

  • Be aware that the piercing process can be uncomfortable or painful, as it involves piercing through sensitive tissue. Assess your pain tolerance and consider whether you are comfortable with the potential discomfort.

Healing Time:

  • Understand that genital piercings, including VCH piercings, require a healing period. The healing time can vary from person to person but typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months. Consider your lifestyle and whether you can commit to proper aftercare during this period.

Aftercare Commitment:

  • Strict adherence to aftercare instructions is crucial for the healing process. Consider your ability to follow these instructions, which may include cleaning the piercing with a saline solution and avoiding certain activities during the initial healing period.

Sexual Activity:

  • Discuss with your piercer the impact of the piercing on sexual activity during the healing process. It’s common to abstain from certain activities to prevent irritation or trauma to the piercing.

Jewelry Choice:

  • Choose the type of jewelry you want for your VCH piercing. Common options include curved barbells or captive bead rings. Ensure that the jewelry is made of high-quality, body-safe materials.

Anatomy Considerations:

  • Everyone’s anatomy is unique. The piercer will assess whether your anatomy is suitable for a VCH piercing during the consultation. Proper placement is crucial for comfort and avoiding complications.

Medical Considerations:

  • Inform your piercer about any medical conditions, medications, or allergies you have. This information is important to ensure a safe piercing experience.

Hygiene and Sterility:

  • Ensure that the piercing studio maintains a clean and sterile environment. The use of sterile equipment and proper hygiene practices is essential to minimize the risk of infection.

Individual experiences can vary, and what might be suitable for one person may not be for another. Take the time to educate yourself, communicate openly with your piercer, and make an informed decision based on your own preferences and comfort level. If you have any specific medical concerns, consider consulting with a healthcare professional before getting the piercing.

VCH Piercing FAQ’s

Piercing Procedure

The VCH only pierces through the thin skin membrane that covers the clitoris, not through the clitoris itself, as this hood is typically shaped like a little one-ended tunnel. The majority of the jewelry is perched beneath the hood. When the piercing is done correctly, the touch of the jewelry with the clitoris during sex directly affects it. Many women find this to be very enjoyable, but if your clitoris is hypersensitive, you should generally avoid wearing jewelry there.

Try the Q-tip test by sliding a lubricated cotton swab underneath your hood to see if you have enough depth for this piercing. You have enough depth for a VCH if the bulk of the cottony end fits underneath the tunnel. The issue is depth, not width, thus if the swab is too wide, you can remove some of the fluff. You could not be eligible for the VCH if your tunnel is shallow and only a portion of the tip fits underneath your hood. In rare instances, a professional can cheat the piercing slightly higher for safety. For safety and to ensure the piercing will last a long time, at Rebel Inks Tattoo Kenya we use a 3/8″ distance or more.

There are two more things to think about. In order to be suitable, you must also be vein-free along your midline and have space for the jewelry to rest securely. Some women have sufficiently deep hoods, but due to a huge or thick pubic mound, there isn’t enough room above the hood for jewelry to rest safely.

The VCH is often placed along the midline at the apex (the deepest section) of the hood. The tissue from the piercing to the base of the hood appears to be completely cut through by a barbell. However, due to the tunnel design, only a small portion of skin is punctured, and the majority of the jewelry merely rests against the clitoris beneath the hood. During the piercing, your piercer can typically see through this thin flesh. To minimize the size of the jewelry, the piercing may be positioned lower than the apex on the deepest of hoods. If you want to provide minimal feeling yet have a deep hood, you might opt to have the piercing a few millimeters below the apex.

If you have enough hood tissue in the right configuration and your piercer has access to the area, you could still be a candidate for a VCH piercing even if you are overweight. To aid expose the area, an assistant is occasionally required (either you or a studio employee, wearing clean gloves). Once your jewelry is in place, the VCH usually heals well, even though it will be completely tucked in and masked by full outer labia.

The VCH is frequently positioned too close to the hood’s edge by inexperienced piercers. Because the jewelry is too distant from the clitoris, shallow piercings cause less pleasure. Additionally, there is a chance of tearing and unintentional hood bifurcation if too little tissue is pierced.

VCH Piercing Healing Process and Aftercare Procedure

The vertical clitoral hood piercing heals fairly quickly. Only 4 to 8 weeks should be allotted for recuperation. Similar to other piercings, the VCH piercing requires similar aftercare. Make sure to rinse it with saline solution two to three times per day, and try to prevent jewelry from snagging.

VCH Piercing Aftercare

Observe what you consume. Although you might be concerned that your urine will infect the VCH piercing that is healing, urine is really a pretty effective sanitizer. In fact, when the VCH piercing heals, it can also help remove any crusties. The piercing may sting more, though, if your pee is acidic. Stay away from cranberry juice, orange juice, and any other acidic beverages, and drink plenty of water to dilute the urine.

Put on clean, tight cotton underwear. Tighter underwear will prevent snagging and keep the jewelry in place while you move. Be cautious when putting on the underwear because if you walk on the centre by accident, it shouldn’t touch your VCH piercing because you’ve exposed it to a lot of bacteria.

When you workout or sit, be careful. Curved barbells are popular selections for beginner jewelry because they better complement your natural anatomy, and you shouldn’t notice them when going about your regular activities. However, while you recover, straddling something while riding a horse, riding a bike, or in any other way will make you feel especially sensitive. After getting a VCH piercing, it’s a good suggestion to avoid these activities for at least 1 to 2 weeks.

Wait till it is totally healed before playing with it. This may be upsetting, particularly if you only got the vertical clitoral hood piercing for sex. Playing with it, like with any new piercing, can promote scarring and rejection, and your hands (and those of your partner) are covered with a tonne of bacteria that you don’t want to get on your healing piercing. It’s recommended to hold off on playing until the piercing has fully healed.

VCH Piercing Jewelry Styles

At Rebel Inks Tattoo Kenya, we often use a curved bar with a 14 or 12 gauge initial jewelry in the VCH piercing. This style aids in reducing friction and avoiding discomfort during healing, especially if you have a “hill” shape in your structure (your hood is higher than your outer labia). The curve gives the jewelry a little more area without adding length, allowing it to sit a little closer to the clitoris. The ring and bar are both excellent styles for initial jewelry if you have a deep “valley” in your build (your outer labia are higher than your hood).

Women should wear early VCH jewelry with some room for growth. When a bar is being used for healing, the bottom ball should be entirely or partially visible behind the inverted V that makes up the hood’s peak. A lot of extra post length is possible with this fit because only a tiny quantity of tissue is punctured. Even though many people find it enjoyable, the bottom ball shouldn’t be completely covered high up beneath the hood once healing is complete. If initial jewelry is worn, the ring needs to be big enough to not encroach on the hood.

Changing the design or size of your jewellery might make the VCH piercing feel very different. After you have healed, think about experimenting with various sizes of bars, rings, and balls. Once you are healed, a J-curve is an excellent alternative if you want the most sensation and/or have a sunken clitoris. The jewellery will have more touch with your clitoris due to the uniquely designed post underneath your hood. You could prefer a longer bar to the sensation of a small post with a ball sitting under your hood and contacting your clitoris. On the other hand, you might prefer how a ring feels or how it can be hooked onto your partner’s tongue barbell during oral sex.

Most women find it rather simple to stretch the VCH at least one or two sizes, and they have enough anatomy to wear gauges that are thicker than the original size. Different feelings could be produced by heavier jewelry. The piercing should be prepared to increase one gauge after around two to three months.

On the majority of women, the VCH has a propensity to shrink and close swiftly, and even a brief removal might result in the loss of your piercing! Even so, some women discover that once they’ve healed, they can wear and remove jewelry with ease.




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